The purpose of this website is to demonstrate the realities on the ground in Singaporean society. Let us begin by explaining the motivations behind it.

It is known that for the past several years, some (not all) Singaporeans have displayed a rather langsi (for a lack of a better term) attitude towards citizens of other countries, especially to those from across the Causeway. These langsi individuals cite their country’s GDP, low corruption index and their rate of crime as the reasons for their arrogant attitude and boast of their first-world “superiority” to other neighbouring nations to justify such  belligerence, to the point where they belittle countries such as Malaysia which share the same history as they do.

The facts, however, do not reflect these so-called “superior” statistics which can be manipulated or influenced by outside factors not related to events in Singaporean society itself. The reality is that Singapore, just like any other country in South-east Asia, do experience problems that are common to the region. Singaporeans do have crime happening in their midst, and the standard of their education system is nothing to shout about. In our view, the only real difference between Singapore and the nations in the region is the high number of ang mohs flooding this tiny city-state. While this policy had no doubt brought in some benefits (in that it has forced the local authorities to step up its public services), it has in turn brought along its own set of societal and welfare problems for her citizens in the long run.