While Singapurapura-eans are loathe to admit it, today is the anniversary of the day when Singapore was unceremoniously kicked out of the Federation of Malaysia. Since it was not a planned event nor was it demanded by “Singaporeans” in the first place, why has it been deemed an “Independence Day”? What was Singapore becoming “independent” from on the night of 8th August 1965? Why was Lee Kuan Yew crying his eyes out live on national television that night, if he truly wanted “independence” for Singapurapura?

The reality of the matter was that the Tunku got fed up of the antics of Singapurapura-eans and decided to tell them, “Hey you $#@#%!@$@ of a bitches, we don’t want you in Malaysia anymore. Get out!”. Hence the so-called “National Day” of Singapore should be renamed as “The Kicked Out From Malaysia Day” :mrgreen:

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