While Singapurapura-eans are loathe to admit it, today is the anniversary of the day when Singapore was unceremoniously kicked out of the Federation of Malaysia. Since it was not a planned event nor was it demanded by “Singaporeans” in the first place, why has it been deemed an “Independence Day”? What was Singapore becoming “independent” […]
Generally, we would agree with what Indonesia said about Singapore and it's not just about the haze. Quote: Indonesia on Thursday accused Singapore of acting "like a child" over choking smog from forest fires in Sumatra that has triggered the city-state's...
Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim suggested, to stop the declining fluency of the Malay language, the language should be taught as a "foreign language" method instead of just being a "mother-tongue" in schools. This was mentioned in a dialogue held at...
According to Singaporeans, any Muslim who wears the hijab in Singapore will turn the country into "Terrorpore".
Blaming the Malays for "cheap" void deck weddings and "high" divorce rates? From what I understand from the Wikipedia page and this blog post, holding functions in void decks (a community hall / space below HDB flats in Singapore) is...
They are treated as second-class citizens, but they just don't know it. They have lost their political clout, culture and most importantly religion.


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