Excerpt: “Yes, up till recently, Singapore was performing excellently. But at the same time, the ordinary people had the fruits of their labour taken away. We seem rich but yet are in debt. The government apartments are now exorbitantly priced. Cars are a necessity (given the poor performance of the profit-oriented public transport companies) but […]
This particular reporting disgusts me to no end, but it has to be done. Hurling insults at a football player of African origin with such endearing epithets such as "monkey" and "nigger" says a lot about the attitude of...
Gangsters attack and rob club-goers at Clarke Quay AsiaOne - Friday, Feb 24, 2012 Six friends who were making their way to Clarke Quay were robbed and assaulted by a group of unknown men, who made off with three gold chains...
Generally, we would agree with what Indonesia said about Singapore and it's not just about the haze. Quote: Indonesia on Thursday accused Singapore of acting "like a child" over choking smog from forest fires in Sumatra that has triggered the city-state's...
They are treated as second-class citizens, but they just don't know it. They have lost their political clout, culture and most importantly religion.
Screenshot of racist statements from Singaporeans about their own fellow citizens. I don't have to identify the race of the commenters, do I? Racism is apparently not absent in Singa Pura-pura.


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