The darker side of regimented Singapore
Chickens in Geylang, Singapore


But Singapore still has its share of scandal and vice.

An opposition party won a by-election last month after the speaker of parliament quit over an extramarital affair, one of several recent embarrassments for the government.

Others include the arrest of the civil defence chief and the head of the police anti-drug unit on corruption charges last year after the men allegedly had sexual relations with female employees of vendors in exchange for help in influencing the awarding of government contracts.

In the Geylang district, licensed prostitutes from China, Thailand and other Asian countries work in brothels that are technically illegal but obvious in their purpose with red lights and flashing signs.

An unlicensed and illegal sex trade is rampant in doorways and on street corners elsewhere in Geylang, at the notorious Orchard Towers complex known as “Four Floors of Whores” on one of Singapore’s glitziest shopping streets, in numerous massage parlours and in explicit online ads.

Gambling is legal at two casino resorts that opened in 2010, at horse races and on football matches at state-run outlets but loan-sharking is a problem and, as the global football scandal shows, match-fixing has deep roots in Singapore.

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