‘Sex-for-grades’ professor to ‘fearlessly’ defend himself
July 28, 2012

[…]Court documents showed that Tey allegedly gave Ms Ko better grades in return for sex on two occasions. Tey also allegedly received a Mont Blanc pen worth S$740 and tailor-made shirts. Ms Ko apparently also paid one of Tey’s bills amounting to almost S$1,300.

During the mention, lawyer Subhas Anandan, who is representing Ms Ko, had wanted to apply for a gag order on his client’s information, but both the prosecution and defence objected to it.

In a statement, Mr Anandan and Mr Sunil Sudheesan said Ms Ko will appear in court to “tell her side of the story when the time comes”. “Our client strenuously denies any corrupt wrongdoing,” they added. “Our client’s concern is assisting the Court to come to a truthful and just conclusion of this matter. Our client fully believes that the truth will prevail.”

Ms Ko has since graduated from NUS and is said to be a pupil with a law firm here.

LOL, interesting way to get good grades.

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