Teen gets probation for forcing friend to perform oral sex
Posted: 31 January 2012 1240 hrs

SINGAPORE: An 18-year-old has been sentenced to 21-months’ probation for forcing his female friend to perform oral sex on him.

Both the boy and victim were in Secondary 3 when he committed the offence at a staircase landing of a HDB block in early 2008.

The boy had three accomplices, all of whom have also been accused of the same offence.

The Court heard that the victim, her best friend and the four boys used to hang out after school.

However, when the victim rejected a boy’s interest in her, another boy hatched a plan to trick the two girls.

Between February and April 2008, the boys pretended to be possessed by “Chinese gods and ghosts” to frighten the victim into complying with their instructions.

They told her that the “Chinese god of hell” would hurt her and all her friends if she did not perform oral sex on them.


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